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Sales & Support (5)

Is help available when using the software?

Yes, absolutely. We have a built in wiki-help system, tutorial videos on YouTube and a dedicated customer support teams to answer any emails or phone calls.

Will we get one-on-one training?

Yes, as part of your onboarding we will offer one-on-one training sessions online for you and your team. On-site training is also available however additional charges will apply.

How will my software be updated?

We are constantly improving our software and new releases are available every couple of months. These updates are rolled out seamlessly during your downtime so there is no disruption to your business.

What does the installation fee cover?

The installation fee covers the setup and configuration of your database, pricing, hardware and glass, as well as your initial one-on-one training sessions.

Can we buy the software?

Our software is subscription-based, which means you pay a monthly fee rather than a large amount upfront. We strongly believe that this model benefits you as a customer because:

1.) It gives you the ability to try the product without a major investment and we have no minimum term contracts so you can cancel at any time.
2.) It gives you the flexibility to add and remove users as you need them so you don't have to guess upfront what your usage will be
3.) It means you never have to pay more for the latest version. Every time we make an improvement it will be available for you at no extra cost.
4.) Your monthly subscription includes email and phone support. This means if you have a question, you get help fast.
5.) Our support team know that if you don't like the software or our support then you can just stop with one month's notice. So we work hard to make sure you get what you need.

Functionality (16)

Will I be able to customize Smart-Builder for my business?

Smart-Builder software is extremely customizable. Set up default behavior for cut-outs and hardware placements, preferred fittings, and more. Customize your contact information and the look of your reports to match your business. Opt for Smart-Toolbox and manage all of your customers' details, quotes, and work orders in one central database.

I don't know how to use CAD software, can I still use Smart-Builder?

Of course! Smart-Builder software is easy and intuitive for all users. The graphical drag-and-drop interface makes it clear what parts of your design you're working with and how to edit only the things you want to edit. Smart-Builder generates full-color 3D and isometric line drawings, like a CAD application, but handles the complex maths required for each design rather than you having to do it yourself.

Can I add my own hardware/cutouts to Smart-Builder?

Yes, we can enter hardware from any supplier for you and configure the details to match the way you use it.

What about complicated installations? Can the software handle these?

We are proud of the large range of variations that Smart-Builder software can configure, from the most basic to the incredibly complex. It is the difficult designs that take longer and are more prone to error when done by hand, Smart-Builder software speeds up the process and helps you avoid mistakes.

Does the software export DXF files?

Yes, the software can export DXF files for automated glass cutting machines. There are a range of export options such as finished glass size or block size, with or without cutouts.

We have complicated cutouts. Can your software handle them?

Unusual cutouts can be configured as template diagrams which will print with the glass drawings to help with the fabrication process. Smart-Builder supports a wide range of cutouts natively and we aim to keep up to date with current cutout styles.

I get my glass from several glass suppliers. How can the software cost the glass accurately?

The software allows glass costs to be entered against multiple suppliers and will cost each glass panel against the supplier you select. Compare prices from multiple suppliers to make sure your margin is protected!

How does the software handle small outages in walls?

A range of tolerances can be set for all extrusions used in the software. Where possible the application will aim to cut glass straight whenever an extrusion can tolerate it. It can also calculate straight edges where there is an inward or outward bow. The upshot of this is lower glass costs.

Is it possible to save customer details?

Yes, you can save customer details against each job you work on, or combine them into a centralized customer database with account balances, pricing lists and job history with Smart-Toolbox.

Does Smart-Builder have templates?

Yes, the software comes with a range of pre-set templates for quick and easy entry and these can be customized as much or as little as you wish. However, these are just an aid and it is possible to enter custom configurations from scratch or design your own templates.

We have a spreadsheet for working out quote prices. What is the advantage of Smart-Builder?

The costing function in Smart-Builder software is based on the exact hardware, glass area, and processing costs so you will never quote too high or too low again. You will know what your supplier is going to charge before you place your order. Of course, the professional quotes with color 3D drawings are a great marketing device as well!

Can we use Smart-Builder software with our existing order systems?

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Can we integrate Smart-Toolbox's invoicing function with my existing accounting software?

Smart-Toolbox has native integration with MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage One. Custom integration is also possible for SAP, Sage 200, Microsoft Navision and more.

How long will it take to draw up a glass panel?

Most glass panels can be drawn up in less than a minute, much faster than CAD or paper!

What is the benefit to using software over pen and paper?

Dedicated glass design software will improve accuracy, speed up your processes, and most importantly, impress your customers. Given the choice of a handwritten quote with a sketch, or a computer-generated 3D drawing and quote, which do you think your customers would prefer?

How accurate are Smart-Builder drawings?

Incredibly accurate, each individual cut-out, coating, process is calculated to the millimeter.

Technical Questions (6)

Can we install Smart-Builder on our own server?

It is possible, please contact Smart-Builder to discuss further if you require a local installation. However, we encourage our users to embrace "the cloud" and take advantage of our hosting service. It will allow you and your team to connect from anywhere, anytime. This also gives you access to our top of the line shadowing support and daily backups to keep your data safe.

Is it possible to access the system from multiple locations?

Yes. If you are using our high-performance Smart-Hosting service, you can access the system from anywhere you have an internet connection - at work, at home, or on the go.

Subject to approval, if you'd prefer to host Smart-Builder on your own server, you can arrange a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between locations so everyone can access Smart-Builder from your server. We can provide advice on how to structure this.

Are we able to use our licence on multiple computers?

Yes, Smart-Builder is cloud based so you can connect from any computer that has an internet connection.

We will need a large number of users. Can the software handle this?

Yes. Smart-Builder uses enterprise strength database technology and scales very well with increased load. It has been used in environments with 100 simultaneous users and more than 25,000 structures being created per month. Even higher loads are achievable with appropriate server hardware.

Will there be any updates available for Smart-Builder?

The Smart-Builder suite is continually being updated by our dedicated development team. All licenses include full access to updates as and when they become available.

What system requirements do we need to run Smart-Builder?

Our software is cloud-based and can be used from almost any computer or up-to-date tablet with an internet connection includeing Windows, Mac OS-X, iOS and Android.

Local installation may be possible but this will depend on the products you require. For more information on local installations please contact info@smart-builder.com